Workshop of hand-painted and engraved glass

Kolektiv Ateliers will held workshop of hand-painted and engraved glass at Prague Castle!

Stanislav Libensky Award Internation Exhibition, Royal Summer Palace, Prague Castle, November 17th from 1-6 PM

Until December, 1st 2013 will be the Royal Summer Palace at Prague Castle filled with extremely inspiring collection of work of the youngest generation of glass artists. This is the unique opportunity to see in one place the art pieces of 49 finalists of 5th International Competition of Slanislav Libensky Award 2013 that raises substantial interest of experts as well as the general public.

On Sunday, November 17 from 1-6 pm, there takes place the workshop of hand-painting and engraving on glass. The presenation of the glass refining artistry that is open to general public and welcomes not only the parents with children will be led by the two masters of the Kolektiv Ateliers Jan Janecký and Jaroslav Šára. The visitors will be encouraged to try painting and engraving on glass objects themselves as that is the most interesting way to become familiar with these techniques and learn many interesting facts about glass refining techniques and the methods of processing that has in Novy Bor centuries old tradition.

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